Springtime is the most beautiful time to throw a birthday party! After a very long, painfully cold winter, there is nothing more delightful than enjoying the sunlight dancing on your skin and the wonderful aromas of the fresh plants and flowers. To ensure that you make the most of this beautiful season, we have some spring party tips for you!

Enjoy a birthday party at the park.

There are wonderful parks around Gauteng that are ideal for spring parties. Most of the parks have play areas for kids and lovely trees for everyone to sit underneath.

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Add classical games to the birthday parties.

Enjoy fun, classical birthday games. The outdoor, traditional games are ideal for a springtime birthday party. People of all ages can enjoy interactive, fun games, such as egg-on- spoon races, sack races, tug-of-rope and more. Contact Weplaygames to enjoy 1hr 45 min of laughing and fun in the sun!

Plan a scavenger hunt party.

Scavenger hunts are great for spring parties. Besides the fact that you need to think up very creative ideas, they are fairly easy to plan. If the weather is good and your party venue is big enough, you can send the kids off to embark on a fun adventure.

See how to create a scavenger hunt.

Use colourful décor.

Make sure you use colourful balloons, streamers and candy to ensure that the venue matches the bright spirits of all the energetic kids attending the party. Balloon decor is probably the best, most affordable decor to incorporate into a party. You can create balloon arches, balloon walls, balloon pillars, balloon centrepieces and more!