When I was young my mom told me each year that I could choose between a big birthday present and a big birthday party. It actually worked really not to have a grand celebration every year. For my 13th birthday I knew that I was getting a new phone, but I actually wanted to go big with my party. My best friend and I decided to have a joined birthday party to save costs for our parents.

Having a joined birthday is especially beneficial if siblings or friends have their birthdays in the same month. It isn’t even difficult to host a party for a boy and a girl together. Here are 3 quick event décor hire tips that can help you pull off the perfect mixed-gender birthday party:

When it comes to colour:
The boys probably won’t appreciate soft pink balloons and the girls may not feel so glamorous around army-camouflaged table cloths and backdrops. Rather keep the setting neutral by choosing colours like white, black and gold. The shimmering gold will give off the princess-sparkle feel while the black will bring the boys back down to the rough world.

Choosing a theme:
Sometimes it’s tricky for to find something that both boys and girls will like. When doing your décor hire, think of neutral themes like ‘galaxy and the stars’ that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Beach parties and Hollywood dress-ups are also themes that have a wide variety of décor hire available. You may want to read more on having a balloon ballistic bash for great tips on easy decorating. You can also think about using a movie that both children love dearly as a theme.

Find one way to celebrate individually:

During the birthday party there should be at least one thing that gives individual attention to each birthday celebrant. You could either have two separate birthday cakes which is a great way to keep the unique element of your child’s special day. Keep in mind that since there will be two cakes, they don’t have to be over-the-top massive because there will surely be enough for everyone to enjoy!

Having a joined birthday party is a very smart way to save your budget and increase excitement for your kid’s next birthday party. We ended up hiring out a big hall, we had 2 high-school bands, hot dog stands, a smoke machine, dance floor lights, extremely simplistic décor hire and a large group of crazy kids having the time of their lives. To this day my mom and I boast about how successful the low budget party was!