Girl with cocktail on dancing people background
Girl with cocktail on dancing people background

Have you been asked to be a maid of honour? If so, you are about to embark on a magical, and perhaps very stressful, journey with the bride-to-be.

Besides all the absolute excitement that comes from being dubbed the maid of honour, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the idea of being “the right-hand girl” to someone who may soon turn out to be bridezilla!

So, two of the biggest events that you will need to organise before the wedding are the bachelorette and the bridal shower. You should (hopefully) have reliable bridesmaids to help you organise both events; however, at the end of the day, you need liaison with the bride before you make any big decisions.

We know what a big responsibility being a maid of honour can be, so we have provided you with some helpful tips to make sure all your maid of honour responsibilities run smoothly.

Speak openly about costs

Before you begin waving around your magic wand – credit card-, make sure you speak finance to your bridesmaids. Don’t expect them to cover any costs that you did not discuss with them first.

Set your own budget

Being a maid of honour can become very expensive if you do not set a strict budget for yourself. Make sure you stick to your budget per an event to avoid any debt.

Get all the bridesmaids involved

The bridal party should be involved in all the pre-wedding activities. Speak to every bridesmaid to get an idea of what activities that would like to be a part of.

Check everyone’s available dates

Before you set dates for specific pre-wedding events, make sure that the bride and bridal party are available.

Take responsibility for all events

The bride is trusting you to organise all her pre-wedding events; therefore, make sure you exceed all expectations by doing all that you can do to plan the activities well.

Always be on time

When it comes to any of the wedding-related events, make sure you show up prepared and on time. This will set a good example for all other event attendees.

Delegate wedding-related tasks

You may feel overwhelmed by all the wedding events that you have to organise. Do not take on more than you can handle. Ask other members of the bridal party for help with organising and setting up the events.

Get help!

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