Childhood memories are pure gold, and the pressure to create these memories for your own child when important events roll around can be a huge ordeal. This pressure is based on the expectations that come with birthdays, christenings and important events in anyone’s life.

Don’t panic! If you think your party idea is a fun one, it most likely will be! There is no shame in brainstorming for something new and unique for your child. How your theme matches the venue and entertainment are all things that can make these events memorable!

The easiest place to start is to establish what the special guest would like, and if their guests will enjoy it with them. For example, little boys will most likely enjoy superheroes and little girls will most likely enjoy anything to do with princesses. If gathering everything you need is slightly trickier, like a baby shower, kitchen tea, or surprise party call an event or party planner. Professional help will ensure that everything will run smoothly on the big day.


Little girls are slaves to the mystic: mermaids, unicorns, fairies and princesses. You might be able to buy themed napkins at your local supermarket, but napkins will not make the party. YOU NEED PAZAZZ, because let’s face it, girls love the theatrical and flamboyant things in life, so go all out, then go some more. The more elements of the celebration that reflect the theme, the better; the food, entertainment and décor can all be great vessels to make sure it is unmissable.


Because anyone would be more eager to hear they have been invited to a mermaid party than to an ordinary pool party.


Boys can be difficult to cater for but again, think of what young boys generally enjoy: superheroes, cops and robbers and little daredevils with great outfits. When I think of this I think of pirates, who doesn’t love these adventurous, bearded characters? Right? The beauty of it all is that if your party is going co-ed there is something for everyone to enjoy. PIARTES AND MERMAIDS! Your pool party has now gotten an unmitigated overhaul and will blow any other party out of the water (chortle)!

With a great theme and some attention to detail you cannot go wrong, just evaluate the element of the party (décor, food and entertainment) and apply the theme, it’s fool-proof!


AHOY! Shiver-me-timbers! These are ARRG-dorable!