Whether you’ve been persevering for half a decade, or have just become used to doing things on your own, you’ve pretty much realised that lavishing in the green pastures of 20-something-hood is unaffordable. That’s why starting out this decade-long chapter usually begins with the cultivation of one skill that all Millennials seem to master remarkably quickly: hosting a tasteful dinner party without breaking the bank.

Though we do well when problem-solving our way through these challenges on our own, getting some direction of where to place your efforts generally helps smooth out the planning process. So, the main areas of concern for any would-be dinner party host are these:

  • Timing is everything:

It really won’t help much to make your dinner party one for the books if only half your friends show up for it. Find out what time will best suit your buds well in advance and set that date in your calendar – make sure they do the same.

  • Blowing them away with a budget menu:

Here’s the tricky (but fun) part. Picking the items that you’ll be serving is where you’ll find yourself stretching your creativity (instead of your credit card) to its outer limits. You’ll need to take into account what you can serve that will be a decent meal for everyone, won’t cost you your life savings and (most importantly) that you can successfully put together without burning your apartment to the ground.

If you’ve got a tried-and-tested menu in your back pocket already, making some adjustments to mix things up will keep it interesting. If you don’t, do some research on what tasty dishes will suit your soirée? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

If you’re don’t think of yourself as a gifted culinary protégé (and you don’t mind spending your cash on your friends) why not serve some delicious gourmet pizza at your party. WARNING: If you’ve never cried tears of culinary joy in front of your guests, you’re about to.

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