A well-earned salary does not have to be the only reason why employees are motivated to come to work. The monthly income acts as a ‘well done’ for completing all assigned responsibilities and reaching company goals; but what is it that makes the faces in the office sparkle? How can you as an employer ensure that your staff members are driven to perform enthusiastically for outstanding results?  The simple answer is spirit-building.

McGregor’s X Y theory

To explain it simply, the X theory is the bad guy while the Y theory is your company hero. The X theory can be explained as an authoritative driven management strategy in which workers have to be supervised strictly and controlled minute-to-minute.
X theory workers are generally unambitious and probably loathe coming in to work. The Y theory follows a de-centralised management strategy. The benefits of this are that workers are self-motivated and thrive on responsibility. These workers have a good sense of direction and control which means that they are encouraged to develop expertise and make suggestions and improvements.

How to turn X into Y

Great teamwork is the most effective thing that will lead to a better working environment for both you and your colleagues. Teamwork will help individuals feel empowered and reminds people that they are also working hard for themselves and not just for the boss. Ethical organisation includes respect, honour, integrity, passion and persistence. One way to promote ethical organisation is developing spirit-building strategies because this way people can see changes as they occur. Spirit-building will also bring clarity and context to idealistic concepts such as social responsibility.

Now to get started

The benefits of corporate teambuilding come easily when spirit-building games and activities are involved. One of the best ways to kick-start spirit-building activities is at your next corporate family event. Involving family members in the process is a great way to strengthen all the components of an ethical organisation system. There are 3 important categories of games and activities that will make your colleagues’ bond so strong that your office environment will improve instantly.

Cognitive team interaction is very effective for spirit-building as it allows space for colleagues to practice much needed communication skills. Activities like these includes quizzes and puzzles in which team members rely on collective knowledge for maximum result.

Strategic interaction is essential in a working space. Enforcing a team to work together in physical activity will teach them the skills to rely on one another as well as fulfil personal responsibility. A good balance between individual responsibility and understanding the role of others will increase efficient workflow in the office in no time. These activities also act as affordable forms of entertainment at annual corporate family events.

We are all human, meaning we all deserve love and support to keep us going strong. Spending 45+ hours a week at work is a very draining experience if your office environment makes you want to sink into the floor and drown. It is extremely important that colleagues support each other emotionally during times of extreme work stress or personal life crisis. Using spirit-building activities that guide colleagues into having a stronger emotional intelligence will not only help in terms of character building, but will also ensure that a powerful ethical organisation is understood and followed by all people in the office. There is nothing better than being excited to step into the office and exchange warm greetings- make it happen.